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Is a solar virus coming to plunge the world into chaos?
(Note from Nathan Jones: I found this recent article by August Rosado of Today In Bible Prophecy Ministries a fascinating read. August is a good friend of Lamb & Lion Ministries and a frequent guest on our television show "Christ in Prophecy". While it's pretty clear that the current administration listens to a lot of bad advice, how they act on that advice is inherently important to us all. August ties some connections together based on the Snowden leaks and presents a possible outcome based on what will eventually be fulfilled prophecies. Whether what's supposedly soon to occur with the sun will result in these prophecies being fulfilled remains to be seen, but the article makes one think of the many possible scenarios that will launch the Tribulation.)
August Rosado

Fear of a Solar Flip
Edward Snowden, the most wanted man on earth today, continues to leak information as he enjoys asylum under the protection of Russia. He has bounced from country to country seeking refuge and fleeing US prosecution. There is a $1 billion dollar bounty on Snowden to bring him back to America to face charges of espionage.
Snowden also leaked information to the British newspaper, The Guardian, about the US eavesdropping known as Prism. He told The Guardian that the US government was spying on other countries via eavesdropping on phone conversations, email, and search engines. The US government was not only eavesdropping on European Allies, but on unsuspecting American citizens as well.
Snowden made another remarkable revelation in which he said that the Obama Administration fears a raging pandemic due to solar storms that may very well alter life on this planet as we know it. Snowden provided Russian authorities with a USB flash drive that contained information from the Ministry of Health. This report contains 20,000 pages from the US State Department's 2004 shocking report, in which President George Bush said, "Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in war and disasters; that disruption and conflict will be endemic features of this life and concluding that once again warfare would define human life."
Glen Greenwald, an American reporter in Brazil, said he also has the 20,000 pages of Snowden's leaked top US classified secrets. He is afraid to release them because of the Obama's Administration's "open kill order" on those who leak those files.
The MOH report said that this coming fall or winter, a massive reversal of the sun's magnetic field would not only severely effect our weather and radio transmissions, but would also genetically create mutant deadly viruses. This coming "solar flip" will kill millions in an apocalyptic-type catastrophe.
A report released in 1990 by two British scientists, said that solar activity (sunspots) were related to every incident of viral influenza epidemics and pandemics in human history. Snowden released documents that reveal dangerous type viruses like Influenza A H7N9 and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED). These have killed millions of pigs in the US this year and show no sign of stopping.
The Snowden leak also revealed that the US government purchased 1.5 billion rounds of ammo in 2012 and will purchase another 1.6 billion rounds in the next four to five years. The Obama Administration fears "social anarchy" will develop as tens of millions of Americans die and the economy collapses due to what the MOH says will be, "the worst pandemic disaster in human history."
Folks, this story is not from some Christian fiction or some sensational prophecy website, but from the Ministry of Health themselves, and what they are saying is a page right out of Bible prophecy.

The Coming Judgments
Revelation chapters 6, 9, 15 and 16 speak of a global catastrophe upon the world that will result in a global holocaust.
Revelation 6:8 speaks of a fourth of mankind being killed just from the first four Seal Judgments.
Revelation 6:12 records the Sixth Seal Judgment which results in a devastating earthquake, the sun being blacked out (black as hair, John says), and the moon becoming as blood, probably due to nuclear fallout.
The Seventh Seal Judgment in Revelation 8:1 contains another series of sevens to hit the earth — the Trumpet Judgments.
Revelation 8:7 says the third of trees and grass was burnt up, and verses 8-9 tell us that a great mountain burning with fire (possibly a large missile of some sort in great size) will contaminate the sea killing all fish life.
Revelation 8:10 records the Third Trumpet Judgment as a star falling from heaven hitting the drinking waters. This is possibly a nuclear missile re-entering earth's atmosphere and polluting the drinking water. Verse 11 calls the star "Wormwood," and in the Russian language they would call Wormwood "Chernobyl."
Revelation 8:12 records the Fourth Trumpet Judgment as the sun, moon, and stars are blacked out, possibly due to radiation fallout.
Revelation 9:2 speaks of the Bottomless Pit being opened, spewing such thick black smoke that it blots out the sun and decreases the oxygen, which will suffocate people. Only nuclear fallout can create such a devastating effect on mankind.
Revelation 9:18 speaks of another third of mankind being wiped out — one and a half billion people — due to these atmospheric convulsions from the Seal and Trumpet Judgments.
Then come the Bowl Judgments. Revelation 16:1 records the Vial or Bowl Judgments. Verse 2 speaks of grievous sores on those people who took the Mark of the Beast. Radiation can cause severe burning and blistering boils on the human body. Verse 3 again records the oceans being contaminated and killing all sea life. Verse 4 records all drinking water being contaminated and killing men.
Verses 8-9 speak of men being scorched with fire. Again, they could be severe burns due to intense heat from a nuclear blast. Revelation 16:10-11 speaks of blistering sores in men's mouths so that they chew on their tongues to relieve the pain. Because of these plagues they blaspheme God.
Second Peter 3:10-12 tell us of the earth being destroyed by fire, as well as Zechariah 14:12. Isaiah 24:6 tells us that the earth will be destroyed by fire.
With this news story, and more revelations by wanted fugitive Edward Snowden, the stage is being set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

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