Thursday, August 4, 2011

Israel proposes new negotiations based on '67 lines IDF preparing for unrest ahead of UN vote

Meanwhile, in anticipation of possible civil unrest among the Palestinians and possibly Arab-Israelis as the September showdown at the UN draws near, the IDF is preparing plans to issue emergency call-up orders to reservists, in case extra manpower is needed to contain disturbances. The tempo of training in crowd control techniques is also being stepped up.
"We do not know exactly what to expect so we are preparing for a wide-range of scenarios," a senior IDF officer said this week.

In related news, the IDF announced on Tuesday that it would permit the export of textiles and furniture from the Gaza Strip for the first time since the Islamist terror militia Hamas took over the Strip in 2007. The step was taken as a goodwill gesture ahead of the Moslem holy month of Ramadan, and also included an increased supply of water to the Strip and other measures.

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