Friday, June 18, 2010

Is Mr. B.O. the Anti-christ?

We get a lot of email questions about whether or not Mr. B.O. is the anti-christ. In our opinion, probably not. He doesn't fit the complete profile. Yes, he is full of himself (Dan 7:8) and he came on the scene suddenly (Dan 11:23) and he desires socialism over a republic form of Government (Dan 11:24). But there are at least three good reasons he doesn't fit the script:

1) The anti-christ will be an extraordinary military leader.
(Dan 11:25) Mr. B.O.'s mispronouncing "Army Corps," several times in a row is a dead give-a-way that he has no military background, much less tactical understanding. Behind the scenes, we are hearing that most of the world leaders consider him inept in foreign affairs.

2) The anti-Christ will be brilliant. (Dan 11:24)
Mr. B.O. cannot even speak without using a teleprompter telling him what to say. The few times he has tried to speak without it have shown his total inability to speak coherently. He is just a very good reader.

3) The anti-christ is an "Assyrian." (Micah 5:5,6)
The best we can tell, Mr. B.O. is from Hawaii, or Kenya, or somewhere in Africa. But not Assyria! (Of course, given the fact no one seems to know where Mr. B.O. was born, it's possible he IS from Assyria!)

The bottom line is this.... if Mr. B.O. IS the antichrist, we are disappointed! We were expecting more! And yes, to be fair, no born again Believer will know who the future world leader is until after The Rapture, and therefore will be safely away from his clutches (2Thes 2:6,7).

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